Blackstone sustaparking+™ Targets Nearly €1 Billion in Annual Revenue in Year One.

Blackstone sustaparking+™ Targets Nearly €1 Billion in Annual Revenue in Year One.

Business Case: Blackstone Group sustaparking+ – Scaling Sustainable Parking Solutions.

Blackstone Group presents an investment opportunity for potential partners in the EU market through its sustaparking+, a sustainable vertical parking solution. This business case highlights the 16-car sustaparking+ and its scalability potential across EU cities.

Blackstone is a leader in sustainable parking solutions. Our innovative sustaparking+ addresses the need for efficient, environmentally friendly urban mobility solutions. sustaparking+, with its 16-car capacity, is ideal for most EU cities, offering turnkey solutions for €2.496.000.

Investment Scenario
In a worst-case scenario, the ROI for a 16-car sustaparking+ is:

  • Parking Utilization: 50%
  • Hourly Parking Fee: €5.00
  • E-Charging Utilization: 20%
  • E-Bikes & E-Scooters Utilization: 0%
  • Advertising Income: €100.000 per annum


  • Annual Revenue (Year 1): €793,512
  • ROI (Year 1): 31.79%

Proposed Investment
We propose constructing 1.000 sustaparking+ across the EU, generating 16.000 sustainable parking spaces with integrated EV charging. In the worst-case scenario, the total annual revenue from these vertical parking towers would be €793.512.000.

Strategic Benefits

  1. Scalability: The sustaparking+ model is scalable, addressing urban mobility issues across cities.
  2. Sustainability: The solution aligns with ESG goals, leveraging solar technology and efficient space utilization.
  3. Revenue Diversification: With multiple income streams, the sustaparking+ mitigates investment risks.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Blackstone's expertise and innovative technology position us as market leaders.

Risk Analysis

  1. Market Risks: The parking industry is subject to regulatory changes and consumer behavior. Blackstone mitigates this risk through market research and adaptability.
  2. Operational Risks: Construction and operational issues can impact ROI. Our established network and experience in turnkey solutions reduce this risk.
  3. Financial Risks: Interest rate fluctuations and funding issues can impact returns. We hedge against this through conservative financial planning and strong partnerships.

Investment Opportunity
We seek a partnership with a forward-thinking fund to co-invest in this scalable and profitable venture. The potential ROI, even in the worst-case scenario, aligns with sustainable investment goals.

Execution Plan

  • Phase 1: Identify strategic locations in key EU cities (Months 1-3).
  • Phase 2: Secure land and regulatory approvals (Months 4-6).
  • Phase 3: Construct and operationalize E-Park Towers (Months 7-12).
  • Phase 4: Implement revenue streams and monitor performance (Months 13-24).

sustaparking+ offers investors a significant opportunity to capitalize on sustainable urban mobility in the EU. With an initial investment of €2,496,000 per tower and a conservative ROI of 31.79%, this scalable solution promises substantial financial and environmental returns.


Franchise Business Case: sustaparking+ – Scaling Sustainable Parking Solutions.

To present the sustaparking+ franchise opportunity to investors, offering flexible financing options for immediate returns.

Investment Scenario

  • Investment per Tower: €2,496,000
  • Annual Revenue (Year 1): €793,512
  • ROI (Year 1): 31.79%

Financing Models

  1. Loan Financing:

    • Loan Amount: €2.246.000
    • Interest Rate: 4%
    • Loan Term: 10 years
    • Annual Payment: €273.022
    • Net Annual Profit (Year 1): €520.490
    • Adjusted ROI (Year 1): 20.85%
  2. Leasing Financing:

    • Leasing Amount: €2.496.000
    • Leasing Term: 10 years
    • Annual Lease Payment: €300.000
    • Net Annual Profit (Year 1): €493.512
    • Adjusted ROI (Year 1): 19.77%

Strategic Benefits

  1. Scalability: The franchise model enables rapid growth across cities.
  2. Revenue Diversification: Diverse income streams reduce risk.
  3. Sustainability: sustaparking+ aligns with ESG goals and urban mobility trends.

Investment Case
An initial rollout of 1.000 towers would generate 16.000 parking spaces with integrated EV charging, providing substantial revenue.

Financial Projections

  • Initial Investment (1.000 Towers): €2.496.000.000
  • Annual Revenue (Year 1): €793.512.000
  • Adjusted ROI (Year 1): 19.77% - 20.85% (with financing)

Risk Management

  1. Market Risks: The E-Park Tower adapts to regulatory changes and consumer behavior.
  2. Operational Risks: Blackstone's turnkey experience mitigates operational challenges.
  3. Financial Risks: Conservative financial planning and strong partnerships manage these risks.

sustaparking+ franchise model, backed by robust financing options, offers a significant opportunity for investors to align with ESG goals while enjoying strong financial returns. With an adjusted ROI of up to 20.85% in Year 1, this is a profitable solution for sustainable urban mobility.


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