sustaparking+: A Sustainable Solution for Urban Mobility.

sustaparking+: A Sustainable Solution for Urban Mobility.

The Blackstone Group introduces the sustaparking+, a state-of-the-art vertical parking solution tackling urban mobility challenges, including parking shortages, EV charging, and micromobility. As a leader in sustainable parking solutions, Blackstone Group's success is rooted in our focused culture.

Our Success Formula.

At Blackstone, our achievements are a result of our culture of excellence. We identify our clients' needs and their investment potential, conducting meticulous risk analysis and feasibility assessments. Our approach is rooted in data-driven decision-making, avoiding emotional biases. This analytical rigor, coupled with our global market insights, drives sustainable investments.

Anticipating Market Trends.

We anticipate market trends, positioning ourselves to achieve sustainable financial growth for future generations. We call this approach “Sustainable Real Estate Assets.” Our sustaparking+, developed by E-Mobility Solutions, exemplifies this philosophy, maximizing urban space with sustainable solutions.


E-Parktower by Blackstone Group and E-Mobilitysolution.


Customizable Vertical Parking Solutions.

sustaparking+ offers customizable vertical parking solutions with configurations of 12, 14, 16, or more spaces, tailored to modern urban needs. Each tower maximizes investment returns while promoting sustainability, leading the industry in ROI. We stand behind our technology with a 20-year warranty, ensuring quality and peace of mind.

A Sustainable, Profitable Solution.

The Blackstone E-Park Tower is a sustainable, profitable parking solution. sustaparking+, a Blackstone Group brand, continues to set the standard for innovative urban mobility solutions, driven by a commitment to sustainability and client success.

Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Our cutting-edge solar panel technology generates 80% more electricity than previous solar panels. The energy is stored in special batteries, allowing the tower to operate independently of external electricity suppliers. This commitment to sustainability aligns with our focus on reducing environmental impact.


E-Parktower maximizing urban space.

Maximizing Urban Space.

sustaparking+ can accommodate 12 to 50 cars on a space slightly larger than two conventional parking spaces. This efficient design relieves pressure on urban areas struggling with limited parking and inadequate EV charging infrastructure.

Optimized Climate Control.

Our towers feature heated and air-conditioned parking, providing EVs with optimal conditions for battery charging. This enhances vehicle performance and extends battery life, differentiating our solution from businesses struggling with exterior EV charging alone.

Diversified Income Streams.

sustaparking+ offers five distinct income streams, minimizing risk for entrepreneurs and investors by avoiding reliance on a single revenue source. Our 360-degree digital advertising platform further enhances income potential, generating annual advertising revenue of up to €500,000.

Compelling ROI.

Our ROI calculator demonstrates the financial benefits of investing in sustaparking+.

For example:

  • sustaparking+ ROI Example (16 Spaces):
    • Parking utilization: 50%
    • Parking fee: €5 per hour
    • E-Charging utilization: 20%
    • E-Bikes & E-Scooters utilization: 0%
    • Advertising income: €100,000 per annum

Result: €793,512 in revenue for the first year based on a conservative scenario, equating to an impressive 31.79% ROI in the first year.


Optimizing EV Charging for Maximum ROI.

sustaparking+ offers efficient EV charging options with capacities of 7.4 kWh, 11 kWh, and 22 kWh, tailored to real-world usage patterns. Public EV charging in Europe typically costs between €0.64 and €0.82 per kWh for fast charging. By leveraging wholesale electricity prices (€0.15/kWh or less) and selling at competitive retail rates, the sustaparking+ maximizes profitability while meeting the evolving needs of EV owners.

Aligning with ESG and Sustainability Goals.

sustaparking+ exemplifies Blackstone’s commitment to sustainable, innovative infrastructure solutions. Integrating environmentally friendly technology enhances ESG profiles, benefiting both businesses and the environment.


Investing in sustaparking+ is not only a sound financial decision, but also an essential step towards enhancing sustainability and improving ESG scores. Blackstone’s sustaparking+ is a forward-thinking solution for modern businesses committed to sustainability and innovative urban mobility solutions.

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