sustaparking + becomes Europe's Leading Supplier for Sustainable Vertical Parking Solutions

sustaparking + becomes Europe's Leading Supplier for Sustainable Vertical Parking Solutions

sustaparking+ has emerged as Europe’s foremost provider of sustainable vertical parking solutions. By addressing the pressing need for increased parking capacity and the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, sustaparking+ is transforming urban landscapes.

With a robust business model backed by conservative financial projections, sustaparking+ showcases remarkable potential. Their calculations, based on the lowest parking fees in Europe, underscore the resilience and promise of their approach. Local governments and real estate developers are already recognizing the dual benefits of sustaparking+'s solutions, which seamlessly integrate enhanced parking and EV charging capabilities.

The company’s established relationships with key governmental entities in the United Arab Emirates, Brussels, and other European capitals facilitate a swift and impactful expansion. This strategic positioning allows sustaparking+ to secure prime locations at minimal or no cost, delivering substantial value to all stakeholders involved.

sustaparking+ is leading the way in sustainable urban infrastructure growth, setting a new standard for efficiency and environmental responsibility in Europe.


Investment Opportunities and Strategic Expansion

In addition to its success in Europe, sustaparking+ has strategically established a holding company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This initiative allows investors and venture capitalists to participate through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Special Purpose Companies (SPCs), offering a secure and structured investment framework.

This approach ensures that investments are not only safeguarded but also contribute significantly to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) driven initiatives. By aligning with ADGM's stringent regulatory standards, sustaparking+ provides investors with confidence in the sustainability and profitability of their contributions.

Through this innovative investment model, sustaparking+ continues to drive impactful change, promoting sustainable urban development and enhancing its global footprint in the realm of ESG-driven companies.


Leadership and Expertise

CEO and Founder Mario Radosavljevic brings extensive experience in scaling companies to new heights. Under his leadership, a team of accomplished professionals is revolutionizing the sustainable parking environment. This distinguished team includes Jr. Partner Alexander van der Kemp, Head of Italy Roberto Tanca, Head of Eastern Europe and Switzerland Martin M. Dimitrov, Dr. Mark Jones, Elisabeth Leston, Sebastian Freund, and many others.

Together, they are reshaping the landscape of sustainable vertical parking. Their collective expertise has culminated in the creation of one of the most significant investment vehicles in the sector today. This formidable team continues to drive innovation and growth, setting new standards for sustainable urban infrastructure.


Even The Emirates Times is naming us as the leader in this industry.

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