sustaparking+ Secure a 31,79% ROI in the Urban Mobility Revolution.

sustaparking+ Secure a 31,79% ROI in the Urban Mobility Revolution.

Unlock a prime investment opportunity with the Apex sustaparking+, backed by the renowned Blackstone Group. Positioned at the forefront of the e-mobility and commercial real estate sectors, the sustaparking+ is not just a structural marvel—it's a financial goldmine waiting to be tapped.

Delving into the specifics of financing, it’s clear why this venture is too lucrative to overlook.

sustaparking+ Financial Breakdown – A Conservative Analysis:

  • Purchase Price: €2.496.000,- (turnkey ready)
  • Equity Contribution (5%): €124.800,-
  • Loan Amount (95%): €.2.371.200,-
  • Loan Term: 20 years
  • Interest Rate: 1.5%
  • Worst-Case Annual Sales (50% capacity at €5/hour &  20% EV Charging): 793.512,-
  • Yearly Loan Repayment: Approximately €137.305,-
  • Net Profit After 1 Year: €656.207,-

Operating under a conservative framework with only 50% capacity and a modest €5 per parking slot per hour, the sustaparking+ still promises a substantial 31.79% ROI, a testament to its potent revenue-generating capabilities.

The sustaparking+ transcends its role as a mere parking facility; it is a strategic asset in the evolving landscape of urban development and e-mobility. It represents a key investment in the sustainable transformation of urban environments, offering not just an innovative parking solution but also a robust contribution to the green mobility ecosystem.

In the investment domain, especially within sectors poised for exponential growth like e-mobility, the timing is crucial. Hesitation could mean missing out on a transformative investment. The sustaparking+, with its solid backing and innovative prowess, stands as a prime candidate for investors aiming to capitalize on sustainable urban development trends.

To sum up, sustaparking+ is more than an investment in real estate; it’s an investment in a sustainable, profitable future. Missing out on sustaparking+ doesn’t just mean skipping a potential investment; it means overlooking a pivotal movement in the realms of real estate and e-mobility. Embrace this opportunity to partake in a high-yield venture and cement your position in the narrative of tomorrow's urban success.

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