sustaparking+: Redefining Vertical Urban Parking Space.

sustaparking+: Redefining Vertical Urban Parking Space.


sustaparking+, led by CEO Mario Radosavljevic and backed by the Blackstone Group, introduces a vertical parking solution that transforms urban real estate. This system maximizes space while delivering unparalleled ROI, sustainability, and operational efficiency across various sectors.

With its cutting-edge automation and customizable features, sustaparking+ stands as the future of urban development and parking solutions.

In the world’s urban epicenters, where real estate is not just premium but pivotal, visionary CEO Mario Radosavljevic unveils sustaparking+. This vertical parking marvel redefines the landscape of urban development, heralding a new era where efficiency, sustainability, and investment returns converge.

Crafted with precision to transcend traditional parking solutions, sustaparking+ embodies versatility and scalability. It’s not merely a system; it’s a strategic advantage for real estate developers, offering scalable configurations that cater to various needs, from general parking to upscale residential complexes, healthcare institutions, and retail hubs. Introducing sustaparking+ is nothing short of a renaissance in urban parking solutions, boosting property values and enhancing operational efficiency.

At its core, sustaparking+ is a testament to the power of automation, simplifying the parking experience while aligning with the global imperative for sustainability. This pioneering approach significantly reduces CO2 emissions and champions the shift towards e-mobility and micromobility, positioning sustaparking+ as a cornerstone in the greening of urban landscapes.

Adaptability is in the DNA of sustaparking+, with configurations to accommodate 12, 14, 16, or more vehicles. Its design philosophy champions modularity, enabling EV charging, bespoke facades, and renewable technologies like solar power.

Elevating its market distinction, sustaparking+ is complemented by a bespoke mobile app. This digital interface, an integral component of sustaparking+’s patented innovation, offers functionalities that streamline the urban mobility experience, addressing parking challenges with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Backed by the strategic acumen of the Blackstone Group, sustaparking+, under Mario Radosavljevic’s leadership, offers a turnkey solution that encapsulates every aspect of logistics and project management. This comprehensive offering ensures a seamless adoption process for global clients, with no additional investment required, reiterating our commitment to delivering fully operational sustaparking+ systems, ready to redefine urban parking and mobility paradigms.

As cities evolve and the demands of modern urban living escalate, sustaparking+ emerges as the vanguard of innovation. It’s not merely responding to current needs but actively shaping the future, where technology and sustainability intertwine to enhance living standards and optimize city infrastructure.

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