sustaparking+ 16 spaces overview.

Model Series: sustaparking+ Vertical Parking Tower (Example)

(Images and sizes are for illustrative purposes only*)


  • Length: 8.690 meters
  • Width: 7.205 meters
  • Height: 21.925 meters
  • Function: Fully automated

*Dimensions and sizes are only examples.

1.1 Subject of the contract.

sustaparking+ Vertical Parking Tower, employing a fully automated rotary parking system based on the paternoster elevator principle, is designed to adapt to a range of customer requirements. It offers configurations from 12, 14, 16 (in the European Union, in accordance with height building regulations) to up to 50 parking spaces (for the USA, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea). This innovative system includes the capability to charge electric vehicles during parking if requested.

1.2 Purpose of the Contract.

This contract governs the supply and installation of vertical parking technology capable of parking and optionally charging vehicles, including electric vehicles. The service includes a fully automated parking tower and its associated software for 16 parking spaces, as detailed in the performance specifications of this contract.

Main Features:

  • Certifications: All product suppliers are CE conform, TÜV and/or ISO certified
  • Automation: The system is fully automated for efficient operation
  • Cybersecurity: Enhanced cybersecurity measures are in place to protect data

Seismic Safety: Features ground acceleration resistance up to 1.5 m/s², ensuring earthquake safety up to magnitude 6.0

Parking Sizes: 16 parking lots in SUV size

Energy Efficiency: Includes a solar system providing approximately 25% energy coverage in fair weather, supplemented by a battery storage system

Load Capacity: Designed to withstand a snow load of 2.37 kN/m² and wind pressures up to 30 m/s, corresponding to wind zone 4

Comfort Options: Heating included, with optional air conditioning

Charging Stations: 16- Internal EV charging stations and optional external charging stations for e-bikes and e-scooters

Facade System: Equipped with the Schüco FWS 60 facade system using TVG glass, certified by CE EN, ISO9001, SGCC, IGCC, CCC

Security: Protected by video surveillance systems

Warranty: A 20-year warranty on the chain drive, backed by an external insurance company

2. Locations and Subsidies.

sustaparking+ is constructed at multiple locations, primarily where the Return on Investment (ROI) can be optimally achieved and/or where government financial support is granted post-construction, including in the United Arab Emirates and GCC States, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and the United States of America.

The construction sites are located on the Cadastral designation, properties, or tenant land of the client or their customers. To apply for subsidies or construction cost reimbursements, the project must first be built and then submitted to the relevant authority. sustaparking+ provides 100% support in this process.

According to EU regulations, reimbursements ranging from 25% to 70% are available, depending on the size and significance of the infrastructure in the region. Currently, support for “Green Technology” and “E-Mobility” known as the “The European Green Deal” leading to innovation has become more remunerative than before, as the European Union itself has set regulations to prepare our society for e-mobility. Thus, real estate developers find open doors when it comes to infrastructure projects.

2.1 Definition of the Term 'E-Park Tower'

The term “E-Park Tower” refers to a structure designed for vertical parking, intended to maximize space efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable environment. The term is composed of three elements:

“E” - This prefix is commonly used to denote that the facility includes provisions for electric vehicle (EV) charging. It signals the integration of electric mobility features, aligning with contemporary environmental and technological standards.

“Park” - This component of the term indicates the primary function of the structure, which is to provide parking facilities for vehicles. It is intended to signify availability for car parking.

“Tower” - This word describes the structure's vertical orientation, highlighting the innovative approach of stacking vehicles vertically as opposed to traditional horizontal parking. The use of “Tower” emphasizes the architectural and functional aspect of height and space utilization within the facility.

Clarification of Usage.

The combination of these terms — “E,” “Park,” and “Tower” — is used descriptively to detail the functionality and features of the product. It does not signify any specific brand, proprietary technology, or entity but is utilized generically to describe the type of infrastructure implemented. This descriptive usage is intended to inform and clarify the nature of the services provided without infringing on any trademarked terms or suggesting an association with any branded technologies or entities. The designation “E-Park Tower” serves to clearly communicate the intended purpose and technological aspects of the facility, ensuring that stakeholders and the public understand the terminology without misconstruing it as a unique or exclusive brand name.

Given the generic and descriptive nature of the term 'E-Park Tower,' which combines commonly used words to describe its function and structure, it is our position that such terms are inherently non-proprietary and widely applicable in the industry. We assert that these terms are used purely descriptively and are not subject to trademark protection as they describe basic functions and characteristics of the product. This approach not only protects our company from potential intellectual property disputes but also safeguards our clients, ensuring that their use of the term in relation to our products remains free from infringement concerns.

However, should any party hold a valid trademark that they believe is infringed by our use of this term, we kindly request they contact us directly to resolve the matter amicably. E-Park Tower disclaims any intention to deliberately infringe upon established intellectual property rights. In the event of a claim alleging such infringement, E-Park Tower agrees to indemnify and hold harmless any client or partner from damages directly resulting from such claims. This protection extends to ensuring that our clients can confidently utilize the products without the burden of legal challenges over the terminology used. We require that the client or partner notifies E-Park Tower promptly in writing of any such claim and cooperates fully in the handling of the matter.

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