sustaparking+ Strategic Urban
Leasing Initiatives.

sustaparking+ <strong>Securing Plots at Minimal Cost </strong>— Our Sustainable Solution for Maximized Parking Efficiency.

| Securing Plots at Minimal Cost — Our Sustainable Solution for Maximized Parking Efficiency.

| Strategic Approach.

The Blackstone Group's sustaparking+ initiative is set to revolutionize urban parking across the EU by establishing 1,000 vertical parking towers within the next 24 months in each European country. Our innovative leasing model does not require the purchase of land; instead, we secure long-term leases of up to 99 years on public spaces, including parking lots, parks, and squares. This strategy is in perfect alignment with city governments' sustainability programs.

Each parking tower is equipped with e-bike and e-scooter charging stations, significantly enhancing its utility for all road users and boosting public support. We utilize AI-driven technology through our mobile application to efficiently reserve parking spots, control vehicle flow, and gather valuable data for advertisers.

This data provides insights into peak and off-peak times, enabling optimized pricing strategies for advertising slots. By transforming underutilized spaces into high-efficiency parking solutions, this approach not only reduces parking congestion but also strengthens partnerships with local governments.

| Efficient Use of Space and Resources.

Utilizing the footprint of just three traditional parking spots, each tower offers 16 multi-functional parking spaces. This includes provisions for electric vehicles, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

This efficient use of space allows cities to replace three existing spots with 16 advanced parking units, effectively quadrupling parking capacity at each installed location.

Collectively, our towers provide 16,000 spaces across the initiative, simultaneously alleviating urban congestion and promoting the adoption of electric and micro-mobility vehicles.

| Economic and Regulatory Synergy.

Our leasing strategy aligns seamlessly with EU regulations, reducing upfront capital requirements and financial risks while maximizing ROI through a scalable infrastructure model. Leveraging public spaces ensures that sustaparking+ fits perfectly within city planning objectives, providing streamlined implementation and operation. Our AI-powered mobile application optimizes parking reservations, monitors traffic flow, and gathers valuable data on user patterns. This data is crucial for identifying and pricing advertising slots effectively, creating significant value for all stakeholders.

| Mutual Benefits for Stakeholders.

Local governments gain significant advantages beyond enhanced infrastructure. sustaparking+ helps reduce traffic congestion, stimulates economic activity, and contributes positively to environmental sustainability through increased EV adoption and efficient micro-mobility options. Real estate developers can efficiently meet parking mandates by integrating sustaparking+ towers into their projects, with The Blackstone Group covering construction costs and maintaining ownership. This allows developers to focus on maximizing their ROI by dedicating more space to residential, commercial, and office developments.

| ROI Assurance.

To ensure our investment strategy remains sound, we retain only high-performing towers in our portfolio. If a tower does not meet ROI expectations within 12-24 months, we either offer it to developers or private entities or relocate it to a more promising location, given the relocatable nature of our sustaparking+ towers. This approach ensures our portfolio maintains a high standard of performance through a rigorous selection process while providing flexibility to adapt to market conditions.


sustaparking+ addresses two major challenges simultaneously: increasing parking capacity and expanding EV charging infrastructure. Local governments readily support our initiative as it aligns with their sustainability goals and provides funding for tower construction. Real estate developers benefit by reallocating resources toward profitable residential, commercial, and office developments without the burden of parking infrastructure costs.

Additionally, we have close relationships with governmental entities in the United Arab Emirates, Brussels (EU) and other European countries, ensuring a direct and accelerated approach to achieving our goals. As a result, sustaparking+ secures plots at minimal or no cost, creating a win-win for all stakeholders while driving sustainable urban infrastructure growth.

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