Transforming Urban Landscapes — The sustaparking+ Vertical Parking Solution

<strong>sustaparking+ </strong>— Capitalizing on Urban Space Constraints

sustaparking+ — Capitalizing on Urban Space Constraints

| Unique Market Positioning:

E-Park Tower by Blackstone uniquely addresses the growing demand for smart urban space utilization in Europe's densely populated cities. Many of these cities are constrained by historical buildings protected under monument conservation laws, severely limiting new construction opportunities. E-Park Tower offers a revolutionary vertical parking solution that maximizes limited space while preserving the architectural integrity of these historic areas.

  • Multi-Functional Mobility Hub. Accommodating a range of urban transport options, our towers support cars, e-bikes, and e-scooters, all within a single structure complete with dedicated charging stations.

    | Increasing Value of Urban Space.

    As urban space becomes increasingly scarce and expensive, the intelligent use of available land becomes crucial. sustaparking+ leverages this trend by providing a high-density parking solution that significantly enhances the value derived from each square meter utilized.

  • sustaparking+ diversified revenue streams.

    | Diversified Revenue Streams.

    Unlike traditional parking solutions, sustaparking+ does not rely solely on parking fees. Its integrated features, including EV charging stations, electronic advertising, and support for micro e-mobility, introduce multiple streams of income, making it an exceptionally profitable investment.

  • sustaparking+ certificates.

    | Certifications & Competitive Advantage.

    With all necessary certifications, including CE and TÜV, sustaparking+ sets a standard of quality and safety that is currently unmatched in the market. This certification not only bolsters consumer confidence but also places E-Park Tower in a league of its own, with no direct competition.

Each sustaparking+™ unit represents a fully automated vertical parking system, powered by advanced AI, designed to maximize investment returns, promote sustainability, and establish the industry benchmark for ROI. Our sophisticated AI technology optimizes parking management and operational efficiency, ensuring superior performance. Accompanied by a comprehensive 20-year warranty, we offer unparalleled peace of mind and guarantee enduring quality.

sustaparking+ | Harnessing Solar Energy for Cloud-Connected Urban Mobility.

sustaparking+ operates with full autonomy, eliminating the need for human oversight in parking operations and markedly reducing labor expenses. It incorporates cutting-edge solar technology developed by MIT, which generates approximately 80% more electricity than standard panels. This surplus energy is stored in batteries, ensuring the system remains operational and energy-efficient around the clock. On average sunny days, the sustaparking+ tower can function entirely off-grid, significantly decreasing annual operational costs.

All sustaparking+ towers are interconnected via our sophisticated cloud network, enabling proactive diagnostics and timely identification of potential mechanical or software issues. This system allows for remote internal adjustments without interrupting daily parking and charging operations, ensuring continuous service efficiency.

  • ❯ Scalability Potential:

    Modular Design.

    sustaparking+ modular design allows for flexible configuration and scalability to different urban settings, from dense metropolitan areas to smaller cities, ensuring broad market applicability.

    Adaptable Technology.

    The technology underpinning sustaparking+, including its autonomous systems and energy solutions, is designed to adapt to varying energy grids and urban infrastructures, making it suitable for global expansion.

    Market Demand.

    With increasing urbanization and the rising cost of urban space, demand for efficient parking solutions like sustaparking+ is expected to grow, supporting scalable market entry and expansion strategies.

  • ❯ Pricing Strategy:

    sustaparking+ employs a value-based pricing model, reflecting its superior efficiency and added functionalities such as EV charging and advertising opportunities, compared to traditional parking spaces.

    Prices are competitively set to facilitate market penetration and attract early adopters in densely populated urban areas. This strategy ensures coverage of operational costs while securing healthy profit margins for scalability and future growth.

  • Five Revenue Streams:

    1. Regular Parking
    2. EV Charging
    3. E-Scooter Charging
    4. E-Bike Charging
    5. Digital Advertising on the facade